Nicole Byer, Olivia Munn, and Nasim Pedrad share their routines

We asked some familiar faces about their rituals. Their answers may surprise you.

Nicole Byer from Nailed It!

When I wake up . . . I wonder if I truly have to get out of bed, but then I do, and I look at my phone and water my new plants.

When I have a day off . . . I swim and sleep and pole dance.
When I have a great idea . . . I have A.D.H.D., so if I don’t write it down then there is no idea.
When I get on an airplane . . . I wipe it the fuck down and get a vodka soda.
When I open up Netflix . . . I am delighted to see my face as an icon — ’cause that’s really fucking cool. It’s next level.

Olivia Munn from Love Wedding Repeat

When I wake up . . . I make my dogs breakfast. I’m getting my pet nutritionist license, so I make all their meals and try out new recipes.

When I see my family . . . we play board games, watch Star Wars, and make fun of each other relentlessly.
When I get on an airplane . . . I get my hot-water bottle filled up right away.
When I have a great idea . . . I put it into my notes on my phone and do nothing about it.
When I go to the movies . . . I get an extra-large Dr Pepper and nachos with jalapeños.

Nasim Pedrad from Desperados

When I wake up . . . I turn off my multiple backup alarms.

When I get on set . . . I try to figure out the snack situation.
When I have a day off . . . I convince my mom to come over and teach me how to cook her delicious Persian food!
When I see my family . . . I laugh with my sister over things my dad has said that week.
When I get on an airplane . . . I realize I didn’t bring the 1997 headphone adapter needed to watch movies. I stare straight ahead for the next five hours.

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